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Onyx Heights is a futuristic reimagination of Diamond Heights from RCT1, with a pair of racing twister coasters named the Chalcedony Twisters replacing the previous Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia, a launched mini coaster named Rocket Boost Type 177 replacing Arachnophobia, and a large LIM coaster named Lava Launcher replacing Doppelganger. There are also more rides, including a monorail transit system, river rapids, hall of mirrors, enterprise, time machine space rings, and motion simulator.

Goal: To achieve a park value of at least 400,000 by the end of October, Year 3.

Trivia: Onyx is the second highest competitive rank in Halo 5 and is higher than Diamond, which makes sense as to why I named this scenario Onyx Heights.

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Date Uploaded Sep 7, 2020
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