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Many people know & admire Marcel Vos: his YouTube has attracted more than 100K subscribers!

An unassuming and affable fellow, he seems to be made of stern material, and will not flinch if/when he has to admit to an error.

Mr. Vos' explanation & apology for the defect in his "Looping High Capacity" Roller Coaster:

The defect may be readily obviated by the inclusion of Block Sections: that crash-vulnerability is simply impossible with !Looping High Capacity RCT2; I'm pleased to present this revision of Mr. Vos' excellent, economical design to OpenRCT2 players.

Ratings may be reviewed in the Screenshots, and in the video.

Link to !Looping High Capacity video on Google Drive:

Marcel Vos has provided insight & inspiration that has helped me improve my game-play, and refine my own "CoasterJitsu": if I've done a good thing, here (and, haha, inserted a 'plug' to promote his YouTube), perhaps I have given something back.

Section Tracks
Type Looping Roller Coaster
File Size 304 bytes
Date Uploaded Aug 30, 2023