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He may be small, but he is not to be taken lightly! EL BARTO is the perfect semi-compact addition to just about any up-and-coming fair, theme park, or amusement park. This leaping, diving, head-chopping twister packs two inversions, four drops of varying steepness and height, and loads of excitement into just 32 seconds per one circuit -- totaling upwards of 3100 guests per hour. The efficient park owner's dream! Consider adding EL BARTO to your attraction today!

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[NOTE:] El Barto is made in OpenRCT2. I tested it in my Steam version of RCT2: Triple Thrill Pack and it does not seem functional. I am brand new to these games as a whole, so I don't feel comfortable with trying to figure out why that is or guessing at which games it will/won't work for. This is my first 'successful' roller coaster in the game and it's probably flawed in more ways than one, but it is functional. Please bring any issues up in the comments to help me improve!

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[PERTINENT STATS] [coaster tab appx. / blank map]
Excitement Rating: 6.20 / 6.25 (High)
Intensity Rating: 6.00 / 6.02 (High)
Nausea Rating: 2.90 / 2.91 (Medium)

Max. Speed: 57mph
Max. positive vertical Gs: 3.60
Max. lateral Gs: 2.08
Ride time: 32 seconds/circuit
Space required: 17x20 blocks
Accommodates: roughly 2470 guests/hr, up to 3140 in testing so far
---> *EL BARTO has been thoroughly tested with three different train types for maximum customization to fit any park. Out of isolation, with no decorating but other rides and scenery nearby, we averaged an excitement rating of 6.44 with the Floorless Twister Trains. For a slight decrease in *all* stats across the board, we suggest the standard (plain) Twister Trains. For slightly higher intensity in exchange for somewhat lower excitement, we suggest the Stand-Up Twister Trains. Use caution if experimenting with any other model!

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Type Twister Roller Coaster (Floorless Twister Trains)
File Size 186 bytes
Date Uploaded Nov 6, 2023
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