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Hope you bought your poncho at the gate! Surging Strikes & Triple Dive are twin pair of gentle, intertwined, highly synchronized water rides that would fit well into a wide variety of attractions. Don't let the log flume's reputation fool you - Triple Dive produces big thrills and an even bigger splash. You WILL get wet, so please pack for your trip accordingly and make sure your electronics are firmly tucked away! Triple Dive starts with gentle twists and a modest splash, then takes her riders up a long 45ft climb to a fast-paced, staggered drop that ends with a keepsake photo you won't want to leave behind. Some lucky riders may even get the chance to high-five their friends on Surging Strikes as the two dance closely through their journeys together. Talk about fun for the whole family!

This is the file for Triple Dive, the Log Flume, only. To use them together, please make sure that you've downloaded Surging Strikes separately.

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[NOTE:] Surging Strikes & Triple Dive are made in OpenRCT2 and untested in RCT: Triple Thrill Pack. I am brand new to these games as a whole, so I don't feel comfortable with trying to guess at which games they will/won't work for. If you do try them in another version, please let me know if it works!

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[PERTINENT STATS] [coaster tab appx. / blank map]
Excitement Rating: 4.80 / 4.85 (Medium)
Intensity Rating: 2.60 / 2.68 (Medium)
Nausea Rating: 1.20 / 1.27 (Low)

Max. Speed: 30mph
Max. positive vertical Gs: -
Max. lateral Gs: -
Ride time: 2min50sec
Space required: 30x11 (30x11 when paired with Surging Strikes)
Accommodates: roughly 1175 guests/hr

Section Tracks
Type Log Flume
File Size 257 bytes
Date Uploaded Nov 9, 2023
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