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"Just for lazy guys!" This download offers you 8 palm tree forest areas in 4 several sizes. For faster diversified forest placing. You only need Old Spice's Palm Trees v2 ( http://www.putmeonthenet.net/content/old_spice/scenery2.html ).

---- Content ----

_ 4 close forest areas (tiny/small/medium/large)
_ 4 loose forest areas (tiny/small/medium/large)

---- Saving instruction ----

The download file is a zip-folder. Open the folder and drag or copy each file in your documents/rct3/structures folder. Load the structures as usually from the brown chest (scenery category).

---- Using guide ----

The expression in brackets shows the type (close/loose). The bigger the number, the larger the piece (0.5 = tiny ; 3 = large). The forest pieces can be overlaid on each other, on other custom scenery objects as well.

---- Further Forest Sets ----

_ Autumn Forest Set: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/9106
_ Mangrove 'n' Palm Forest Set: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/11475
_ Conifer Forest Set: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/12475
_ Pine Forest Set (Old Spice's woods): http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/12477
_ Alpine Forest Set (Old Spice's woods): http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/12485

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