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Paradise Pier 2018

Items Needed:
Koopa's Scream Tubes, These can be downloaded here.
Paradise Pier Scenery, That can also be here.
NYR Box Supports can be found from > http://rct3.aks-arch.com/
Moby's Construction Vehicles will be downloaded from CS Depot.
AzoRctMan's Paradise Pier Ride Signs at here or custom scenery depot but they are found here. https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/azorctmans-paradise-pier-ride-signs.16554
Eccentric Wheel will be in CS Depot. http://www.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=3390
ATH Catwalk Set can be in rctgo. https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/ath-catwalk-set.1936
And JCat's MouseWorx is in CS Depot which will be in > http://www.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=1395
Sadly I made World of Color with the Wishes a Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams soundtrack but it's a great park anyway.

File Size
10.51 MB
Date Uploaded
Jan 4, 2018




Sorry if it's not very realistic.


Style Themed for JCat's Mouseworx, AzoRctMan's Paradise Pier Ride Signs, Moby's Construction vehicles, NYR Box Supports, Paradise Pier Scenery, JCat's Pumper Steelworx, TRM11's Transfer Tables, and Koopa's Scream Tubes. Style Custom just for the Eccentric Wheel. Then your game won't crash. :D


Sadly, Paradise Pier will be closing on January 8th 2018 this year. :(


Paradise Pier opened February 8th 2001 with the entire Disney's California Adventure with Sun Wheel, Maliboomer, Mulholland Madness, Orange Stinger, and Golden Dreams. Sun Wheel closed on October 15th 2008 and was replaced by Mickey's Fun Wheel on May 4th 2009. Maliboomer was sadly taken down on September 5th 2010 with the refurbishment of Mulholland Madness a month later on October 12th 2010 and was replaced by Goofy's Sky School on July 1st Canada day 2011. A game area was removed during the Rockin' Both Parks season in January 2007 and was replaced by Toy Story Midway mania on June 17th 2008. On September 7th 2008 Golden Dreams closed and got replaced by Little Mermaid Arial's Undersea Adventure on June 3rd 2011. And Orange Stinger closed July 14th 2009 and got replaced by Silly Symphony Swings on the June 11th 2010 the same day World of Color opened. Extra. Disney California Adventure did LuminAria on the first year of Christmas the park was opened. It opened November 9th 2001 and closed January 6th 2002.
World of Color Winter Dreams premiered November 2013, World of Color Celebrate opened May 2015 for the diamond celebration for Disneyland's 60th anniversary and closed September 2016 and got replaced by the 2010 original World of Color and premiered World of Color Season of Light. Pixar Pier will open in Summer 2018 with Incredicoaster (California Screamin') Jessie's Round Up Ride (King Triton's Carousel of the sea) Toy Story Midway Mania will still be in the park and so as Mickey's Fun Wheel but each of the 24 gondolas will feature every Pixar character and the Inside Out attraction (Maliboomer) That was the longest speech I have ever done.


I forgot that JCat's Pumper Steelworx is added to my park as well for the support killer.

Terry Inferno

It looks very realistic from the image, but that's mainly because it's a photograph. At least one screenshot of the download itself is required for every download (or it eventually gets thrown into a pool of angry sea bass, and you'll have to reupload the whole thing again).

You can edit the screenshots and the description by going to the top right corner where your name is and scrolling down to Manage Downloads. The Edit button should be visible from there.


Did you download it yet?


This is the first download I put in. :D


I also forgot TRM11's Transfer Set.


I'm gonna download it but where can I find the Transfer Set? And the Koopa's Scream Tubes' link is broken.


I have the Transfer Set but I forgot where the download is.


Also if you want the fixed site for Koopa's Scream Tubes, you can go here.
You will find it in the description below.


Running the park through Park Cleanup I found you also need Azorctman Woc Laser. Still not having any luck finding TRM11 Transfer Table set. Would it be possible for you upload the file for TRM11 Transfer Table set and give him/her credit for making it so that others can download and open your park. That is of course if that is allowed.


I want to see photos of your park. Not real screenshots...


I forgot AzoRctMan's Woc lasers. They can be found here.


I don't know how to add screenshots from Rct3 to here. :l


Can't find NYR's Box Supports.