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The largest possible filled park that was been packed in with 107 rides and 54 different coasters, 5 which of twin tracks (Not saying they're two coasters!) Complete list of rides on comment.

Includes a nice looking grand entrance, wooden coaster that interacts with it, 310 feet & 100 mph giga coaster, 400 feet & 115 mph giga coaster, 375 feet & 118 mph air powered coaster (But 565 feet because of hill!), lengthy mini suspended flying coaster up to 300 feet! ,several twin track wooden roller coasters, x-dimension coaster, flying coaster, twin LIM launched coasters, vertical drop coaster, two identical steeplechases and snow themed giga coaster. Water rides are log flume, splash boats, water coaster, river rapids, dinghy slides to get down stairs. Then great go-karts track and a most of the flats! With the extra downloads it has swimming! Then canoes and rowing boats. List of rides in the comments.

*Because of the downloaded files on it needs to be downloaded to work - to get it downloaded - If you are logged in to RCTGO. If you click on 07scott1, then the link of home page under contact details and download on the zipped file called "1; object". (Then put it in object folder on OpenRCT)
To have it on iPad upload 1;object files to onedrive. Then you will need to open the AE swim file in the RCT app and it will work.

Or (Put the filedropper website address then /object at the end of address. (Then put it in object folder on OpenRCT)
Or get some of the downloaded files/ attractions by searching amazing earl rct and download all attractions and put in object folder. I recommend OpenRCT and this has a objects folder in it's folder. (Then put it in object folder on OpenRCT)

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Date Uploaded Nov 20, 2018


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1. Automania (Car roller coaster)
2. Big Twister (Heartline twister roller coaster)
3. Black Forest Gale (Massive vertical drop coaster at 235 feet, 85 mph and large loop)
4. Blue Hurricane (200 feet, 81 mph hyper coaster)
5. Blue Storm (310 feet, 100 mph giga roller coaster)
6. Caringorm Bobsleds (Snow themed roller coaster)
7. Chocolate Log (Junior roller coaster)
8. + 9 Colossus (Twin track wooden roller coaster)
10. Crazy Mouse Spinner (Geometric themed spinning mouse coaster)
11. Creaky Dips (Side friction roller coaster)
12. Dragster (400 feet, 118 mph launch coaster but 565 feet on the hill!)
13. + 14 Duelling Dragons (LIM launch coaster at 74 mph and 140 feet inversion!)
15. El Trueno (Mine train coaster)
16. Evil Vultures (Lay down coaster switching to flying)
17. Flashback (Steel twister coaster with 6 inversions, some slow)
18. Forest Twister (Huge 205 feet, 77 mph coaster with 12 inversions)
19. Giant Vampire Flight (Mini flying coaster at over 4 minutes, at over 200 feet, 70 mph above trees)
20. Giga Ultra (410 feet, 115 mph giga roller coaster with massive air time hills)
21. Great White Wail (Wooden roller coaster with RMC trains with interlocking inversions)
22. Ice Chaser (Snow themed giga coaster at 150 feet and 68 mph)
23. Icicle Bob (Bobsleigh coaster)
24. Inverted Twists (Small invert with 5 inversions)
25. Junior Speedy Logs (Junior coaster at 55 feet and 38 mph)
26. Krazy Kat (90 feet and 52 mph wooden roller coaster)
27. Lighting Express (Wooden roller coaster at 130 feet, 60 mph with fun hills)
28. Man of Wood (RMC trains on wooden coaster track with 4 inversions)
29. Mini Derby 1 (Identical steeplechase)
30. Mini Derby 2 (Identical steeplechase)
31. Mini Diver (Small vertical drop coaster at 75 feet and 49 mph)
32. Mouse Towers (Wild mouse coaster)
33. Multi-Diver (240 feet, 99 mph inverted launch coaster)
34. Mystic Swinger (Suspended swinging coaster)
35. Nitro (225 feet, 86 mph hyper twister coaster)
36. Octivator (Corkscrew roller coaster with serval vertical loops)
37. Olympia Looping Coaster (Another copy of the Olympia looping roller coaster)
38. Quantum Thruster (LIM launched coaster with inversions and up to 59 mph)
39. Rapid Response (Roller coaster with reserve sections)
40. Raptor (Giga roller coaster at 145 feet, 69 mph and 5 helixes)
41. Raven Racer (Twin track steel roller coaster at 60 feet, 43 mph)
42. Regurgitator (Geometric themed suspended swinging car roller coaster)
43. + 44 Rolling Thunder (Twin track wooden roller coaster at 85 feet and 53 mph)
45. Roman Racers (Roman themed side friction roller coaster)
46. Runaway Mine Train (Mine train roller coaster)
47. Seal Sliding (Corkscrew roller coaster at 135 feet, 58 mph and 2 inversions)
48. Stand Up Steel Twister (Stand up roller coaster interacting with go-karts, pavement and has 6 inversions))
49. Steel Cobra (Steel twister roller coaster at 125 feet, 64 mph and 7 inversions)
50. + 51 Timber Toppers (Twin track wooden coaster similar looking to Grand National at Blackpool)
52. + 53 Twin Dipper (105 feet, 58 mph wooden roller coaster)
54. Ugly Twisters (Wooden coaster joining at 2 different stations for two different rides!)
55. Updraft (Flying roller coaster which riders face up to the sky at times!)
56. Verticulator (Steel twister coaster with geometric theming at 150 feet and 72 mph)
57. Wheely Reel (Virginia reel roller coaster)
58. Wooden Thriller (Wooden coaster with RMC trains, 125 feet, 64 mph and interacting with entrance)
59. X (Multi-Dimension coaster, seats rotate with going round track!)

60. 3D Cinema – Mouse Tails
61. 3D Cinema – Avenging Aviators
62. 3D Cinema – Space Raiders
63. Berserk Spin (Top Spin)
64. Chaotic (Spin and flip around)
65. Covered Alpine Bob Ride (Fast swinging roundabout)
66. Drop Hatch 1 (200 feet, 71 mph drop tower)
67. Drop Hatch 2 (200 feet, 71 mph drop tower)
68. Enterprise
69. Escape Hatch (180 feet, 69 mph launch tower)
70. Go-Karts (Themed with trees and planting)
71. Intense Spin (Top Spin)
72. Magic Carpet
73. Motion Simulator 1
74. Motion Simulator 2
75. Pirate Ship
76. Ripsaw (Swinging ride)
77. Roto Drop (190 feet, 69 mph spinning drop tower)
78. Rounded Up (Fast spinning ride while in a cage)
79. Super Looper 1 (Upside down loop the loop ride)
80. Super Looper 2 (Upside down loop the loop ride)
81. Swinger (Rotating swings)
82. Swinging Inverter Ship 1
83. Swinging Inverter Ship 2
84. Twister (Rotating ride)
85. Whip (Rotate fast in fairground type ride)

86. Ariel Cycles 1
87. Ariel Cycles 2
88. Crazy Castle (Maze)
89. Dodgems 1
90. Dodgems 2
91. Garden Golf
92. Ghost Train
93. Merry-Go-Round
94. Tannenbaum (Carousel with a Christmas tree)
95. Tilted Whirler (Rotate while rotating carousel)
96. Treetop Choppers (Pedal controlled helicopters)

Transport Rides
97. Chairlift (Up to hill side)

98. Dinghy Slide 1 (Down side of hill)
99. Dinghy Slide 2 (Down side of hill)
100. Log Flume (At 65 feet and 3 drops)
101. Whitewater (River rapids)
102. Splash Boats
103. Swimming with a slide
104. Pool Slide
105. Water Coaster (Water coaster on a hill side with two splashes)

Gentle-Boat rides
106. Canoes
107. Rowing Boats