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Halloween is on its way, and what better place to spend it than a dark, creepy, old insane asylum? Are ghosts lurking inside these walls? Possibly. Will you hear screams from inside when the ride is closed? Almost certainly. Has anyone died in the asylum? To keep the mystery alive, we won't reveal that information. Also for legal reasons.

In this asylum, you never know when you're upside-down, right-side-up, sideways, upside-right or downside-left. Riders, like patients, have been known to lose control of their mind within these walls. That's all part of the experience.

See final screenshot for ratings.

Section Tracks
Type Lay-down Roller Coaster
File Size 13.86 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 20, 2015




good job


Could not get it to load on my rct3

Terry Inferno

Sometimes lay-down roller coasters have difficulties importing from RCT2 into RCT3. If you've already saved it in RCT2, what was the message you received when you tried to import it in the game?