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A Classic Style Park Entrance incorporating Pay Booths, Park Offices, and areas for restaurant and shops etc.

I have uploaded as a Sandbox Park file and a Structure file which includes all the CS.

To instal place the files in the 'Park' folder in Documents/RCT/Parks....

and place the files in the 'Structure' folder in Documents/RCT/Structures....

I have included the BMP files for the Billboards above the entrances.
Put these into your My Pictures folder you usually use for billboard pics.

A list of all CS used is in the download file.
If you have trouble finding any of the sets please PM me and I will endevour to post them
Hope you like it, use it as you will and enjoy. Have Fun!

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 2.39 MB
Date Uploaded Apr 21, 2014



Six Flags Kid

Hmmm....... I feel like you are making a park called Coaster World, because on entrances A, B and C, there is a billboard that says "Welcome to Coaster World" on each one. Am I right?????



thanks for sharing more cs. always looking for more.



Six Flags Kid.....

I am not, at the moment making any park, I just made the billboards like that because I thought they were nicer than the generic 'Frontier' ones. Maybe I will have a go at a park called Coaster World.
Although now I think it sounds a bit naff. lol.



Wow, how detailed & awesome! Keep it up, Colray!

Huggy Bear

Another great work. Keep it up.


Help, I'm very new to adding the CS so I'm having problems. I followed your instructions above but still can't find the content in the game.


were do you find it in game please let me know many thanks jet !!


i have a problem with this download

i put all correct in the folder

i start the park and i see many objects not

i see the black pad and the flowers and fountain the rest i see not
can anyone help me?

sorry for my english thats not good


very good thank you :)


I looked for HB's Billboards and Spice's Evergreens and Spice's Vegetation and there no results on custom scenery depot

please post the files so we can download them and have this actually work