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Massive sandbox park with diverse climate regions surrounding a circular lake. A volcanic mountain exists at the center of the lake and tiny ponds surround the main body of water. Biomes include desert, tundra, and lush green areas with non-modded trees and shrubs. Two extended rollercoasters and all the necessary shops have been placed at the entrance of the park to give you that headache free head-start on building great rides. This is not a flat park and isn't for the landscaping-adverse, very scenic! Let me know if you like it and I'll upload more.

Section Parks
File Size 2.43 MB
Date Uploaded Aug 12, 2015




Pretty nice park. I Like the coaster designs and the landscape. I might develop the park a little for fun.


I will may develop that park into a Harry Potter themed amusement park, if I find space for Hogwart's Castle and Hogsmeade.