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Pearl Lagoon

A small lagoon with it's beautiful reefs located in the middle of the ocean. It's already being built with some attractions for some of the guest. But you need to expand it so it can accommodate more people. Given how little the space already in this lagoon, you need to be creative to finish your goals.

- You don't need a mod, just RCT3 with its expansions.

After you download it, you can put the file on : C:Users"your username"DocumentsRCT3Start New Scenarios, or Scenarios {in my case}.
If you put it in "Start New Scenario" file, you can edit the scenario just as you like before playing it.

My second mini park scenario. Just like previous one, it's about the size of 40 x 40 tiles. But now it's on the sea and maybe can be quite challenging.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Jan 28, 2024