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this is my first peep torture creation!
its a giant slide that the peeps slide down and it ends in a large group of lions.

to start the fun, u must first name a peep atomic.
pause the game. test both the cars.
resume the game and watch em slide!

Section Parks
File Size 2.84 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 29, 2011
Liked by KingMojoe, KingMojoe




Awesome, it worked! only my game go a bit slow...


Looks, ok. I'll try it. A bit plain but not bad.


I put a few coasters in (Hershey's storm runner, air coaster etc.) so they pushed the peeps down the slide, and later on while I was playing, I won an award for the safest park. Roller coasters that crash into you? Get you trapped in an animal cage? LOL!