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Hello everyone, it has been a while since I last uploaded a track onto RCTgo, and I was thinking why not make a coaster for Build It! competition? (EDIT: I lost unfortunately by one vote) So here is my latest and greatest creation: Pegasus.

The Pegasus is a unique coaster designed specifically for people who want either thrills, excitement or both! It has a new type of element called The Spitfire: Curves around a corner, push the coaster up a small hill and curve upside down underneath turning the whole track upside down. Specifically for Flying Coasters.
It has 2 full inversions with 12 amazing drops, the highest of which is almost 100 Feet!
The total air time of this thrill-tastic machine is 38 exciting seconds.
The coaster forces its way up to nearly 50mph throughout the whole 3200+ feet ride.

Basic Stats results:

E: 3.88 (Medium)
I: 2.85 (Medium)
N: 3.18 (Medium)
Don't get put off by these small ratings, the ride itself feels more thrilling and intense than what it actually is, so open those wings and get flying on Pegasus.


Section Tracks
Type Flying Coaster
File Size 1.43 MB
Date Uploaded Aug 17, 2012




Not so thrilling and intense! I try this coaster but it´s not so excitement and to much ride on the back.
Try to build longer coaster - Sorry!


I like to build REALISTIC coasters, not too long...not too short...


Maybe RedRain should actually use custom supports then...


Flying Coasters tend to be not so thrilling or intense in the game. Maybe it's a bug in the game?
Anyway, I like this coaster. It looks good even without custom supports.


Redrain I like this build its small cool and looks good with the scenery

I remember when I made a tribute for you when you were ChappiePie when I had my old account which I'm assure your familiar with