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NOTE: This download will only work in OpenRCT2. Using the latest release or develop builds is highly advisable. If this scenario doesn't work for you, just simply update to the latest release or develop builds and it should work just fine.

Here's yet another addition to the ever-so-difficult Mythic Conquest scenario series.

This scenario is incredibly difficult to beat and also hard on the eyes! You start with 11,000 in cash, which seems nice... until you realize that you have a massive loan of 110,000 to repay, with a 15% interest rate that will make you lose about 2,000 per month from interest! You have other major concerns to take note of:
- You can't advertise. This makes sense due to the pernicious, nonsensical look of the park.
- Guests come in with only 44 bucks on average, which is somewhat low. As if that wasn't enough, they come in unhappy, hungry, and THIRSTY.
- You have to pay 165 and 110 per tile to buy land and construction rights, respectively. You will need a grand total of 569,250 to buy ALL land and construction rights in this scenario.
- Changing the landscape is impossible, but thankfully you can still build underground if you want (it's hard though!).
- Park rating and guest generation are harder as well.
- Everyone's least favorite climate type... cool and wet.
- The ride selection you have at the start is quite limited, and you will actually have to make use of launched stand-up and inverted coasters this time around, which is thankfully possible in OpenRCT2. At least that's nice for a change, isn't it?
- Did I forget to mention 2 of the 3 food stalls you have at the start will be useless during rain?

Goal: To repay your loan and achieve a park value of at least 1,111,000

Good luck and enjoy! If you beat this scenario, please let me know either in the comments or by posting about it on Reddit, Discord, etc. as I want to confirm that it is indeed possible.

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Date Uploaded Apr 29, 2021