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Phantasialand (Wintertraum)

Requires RCT3: Soaked! and RCT3: Wild! 22 screenshots 3 comments

A recreation of Phantasialand during it's winter event. It's not completely faithful, but I think it's close enough. There is some CS/CTR (I have tried to keep it low) in this park so I have listed below what you may need to download.

-XPAX Stringlight
-Spice Inverted Coaster
- CTR Chiapas
- CTR_Megacoaster
- CTR All CTRs and In-Game Cars on all Tracks (http://www.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=3428)
- Moki winter time and Christmas stuff 1

If there are issues let me know. Hope you Enjoy!

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10.61 MB
Date Uploaded
Jul 13, 2017




I have tried several times to open this park but can't do it. Running it through ParkClean Up gives me the error message of:
OVL not found tracks\coasters\ctr_btmrr_track|ctr_btmrr_track. I have this flie in the game, have used this in the game, even downloaded the park with it in the park. Any idea why I keep getting this error message? I've uninstalled, re-installed the CTR file several times also and also this park file. Thanks.


^ Do you have ctr_btmrr_track installed in your 'tracked rides' folder, when I installed the ctr I put the ctr track in the 'coasters' folder. If that is the case, if you swap the track OVL files into 'coasters' then it should work.


^ I now have ctr_brmrr_track and also ctr_btmrr-track installed in the Track track rides file. In the coaster file in the tracks folder I have ctr_btmrr and ctr_brmrr-track.
This did correct the error message while running ParkClean Up 2 but the game still will not open. No errors are being find while running ParkClean Up.
Thanks for the help but I'm still not sure why I can't get the park to work in the game.