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I know its been along time, but im back with one of my greatest creations yet. Travel to Pioneer Mountain, a park with multiple lands, a train to travel in between, and more. Completely stocked with coaasters and rides, this is a park you simply have to try.

Section Parks
File Size 4.28 MB
Date Uploaded Jan 28, 2012




Looks good. I'll download it and try it out :).


Just some bones to pick. Velocerator has no supports on one end, Move the go kart track and Volcano a bit and solve that problem. The other is the bottom of the large drop of the log flume you should have a long straight at the bottom of it instead of a sharp turn you would kill people if that were a real ride. Your Wooden coasters have way to fast of a lift speed and Buffalo needs to have a longer train than one car. Also the park needs lots more mechanics. Other than that its a very nice park and lots of fun rides.


Great park. I like the themed areas and the coasters are all pretty good. I like the fact that your park is not so flat like most parts seem to be. It may creates challenges for not making paths look like sky walks. I suggest you use the shuttling trams rather than a Train for a shuttle ride. Always seems silly to me to see a train going backwards even if that does happen in real life. Definitely needs some more mechanics, but that's really minor and easy to fix. I wonder why you made Buffalo so high in the air? The whole ride could be lowered without effecting much of anything else (other that the lead in paths) and get better feel for ripping by scenery. Perhaps you wanted a vertigo affect.

Nice job.