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Name: Pioneering Prospects
Category: Challenging Parks
Goal: 10 different roller coasters at least 1,300 meters in length with an excitement rating of over 7.00
Cash: 11,000 on a current 20,000 loan
Description: "A small local park wishes to become a major national sensation with the biggest, most exciting coasters in the west."

Requires: Either base RCT2 with expansions, RCT Classic, or Open RCT2

Additional Notes: No additional difficulty modifiers. The park by itself is rather small, but there is plenty of extra land to purchase and for only 30 a tile. The weather is cold, and the interest rate is rather high. Park is Pay per Ride and already has 400 guests with a small number of rides already layed down.

Section Scenarios
File Size 1.26 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 27, 2022