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You need KoopaTroopa643's Paradise Pier Set, Jcat's Steelworx, AzoRctMan's World of Color Lazers, NYR Box Supports, Pteri's Tunnel Pack, ATH Catwalk Set, Tycoon4life's Golden Zephyr CFR, Ralfvieh's Hall, Eccentric Wheel / Mickey's Fun Wheel CFR & CSO, Intamin First Gen Looper, All CTRs and In-Game Cars on all Tracks, Toy Story Totem Pole, AzoRctMan's Paradise Pier Signs, DRP Lightz, Ynor9's Control Room, Spice's Trees, Spice's Palm Trees, Flags by JMainZ, ShyGuy's Rock Set, Safari J's Arrow Pack Moby's Steel Jungle, Moby's Construction Vehicles, Samba Balloon Ride, Jcat's Mouse Worx, Boston's Illuminations, Shy Guy's Main Street Set, Matt's MagicBand Scanners 2.0, CPcisco's B&M Footers, and Chriz's Paradise Pier Sets. Here's Pixar Pier. Along with Paradise Gardens Park.

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Jul 6, 2019
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I apologise if there's an unfinished World of Color. You can work on it or delete it if you want. It might take maybe a few hours.


I have another World of Color, but it has the Wishes soundtrack.


You also need the Wishes fireworks soundtrack for World of Color. Where you can easily find it, go to this link. https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/cinderellas-castle-park.3944


You also need Ralfvieh's Fountain Set.


Too much CT


You only need the Mickey's Fun Wheel CSO for the canopy that goes over the queue line. However, you're also allowed to get the CFR for my other Paradise Pier. But you need to use Moby's Steel Jungle for the Transfer Tables as TRM's Transfer Tables aren't downloadable anymore.