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Pixie Land

Requires RCT2 or RCT Classic 1 screenshot 1 comment

Your grandmother has passed away and left you some land on one condition: you must turn it into a kiddie theme park because she loved her grandchildren so much! Because you've inherited the land, the starting loan is zero and you have 10,000 dollars cash to work with initially, but can take out a small loan to get more if needed. Your goal is to achieve a park value of 85,000 dollars by the end of October Year 3.

Keep in mind this is supposed to be a kiddie park. One benefit of this is all of your research is done already since you won't be building any highly complex rides, so make sure to set your research funding to zero dollars right away so you're not wasting money! A downside of it being a kiddie park is you'll need to be careful building any sort of thrill rides; guests are set to prefer less intense rides to simulate small children visiting the park with their parents.

I made this scenario in OpenRCT2, however I was extremely careful to only use items from the vanilla RCT2 game, so you should be able to play this in regular RCT2 without needing either of the expansion packs.

Hope you enjoy!

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May 7, 2018


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What a fun concept for a scenario! Thanks for sharing