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Welcome to the residence of Sir Squishmael III. As you can see, this palace is an illustrious and very expensive blue block with a beautiful garden of doughflowers that bloom in four gaudy...I mean gorgeous colors and some cube trees with X-shaped branches that grow bright green leaves. Also within this garden is a duo of statues. Man, those things cost me so much money I needed 500 tubs of sparkly gold dough just to make all the coins to pay for them.

Unfortunately, I've run into a bit of a crisis at this point. I commissioned some people to build a roller coaster on my property, but now the company wants to be paid for it, and they're threatening to have me evicted from my palace if I don't pay them in 30 days. And they won't take my remaining sparkly gold coins, either. Please, visitor, I beseech you: download and enjoy this track so you can help me pay off the debt I owe the coaster company. [Snivel] One download can make such a big difference...

Excitement: 7.20
Intensity: 8.78
Nausea: 4.05

Section Tracks
Type Corkscrew Roller Coaster
File Size 15.65 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 15, 2016
Liked by Terry Inferno, 19_09



Skylander Katfish

that's a neat idea!

Terry Inferno

This is my favorite so far of the marshmallow series.