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Gotham City PD Report 001:

Doctor Pamela Lillian Isley, PhD, a Gotham City Botanist, was mutated and driven mad by a series of experiments performed on her by her college professor. The result created the infamous Poison Ivy.

Following the recent earthquake that has rendered most of Gotham a burning ruin, Ivy has hold herself up in Robinson Park, thus transforming it into a new Eden. We believe sixteen children are being held deep in the park as hostages, and she may attempt to either turn them into plant mutants like herself or use them as a bargaining chip.

Threat level: Low

Ivy has not engaged in any territorial conflicts as of yet (as opposed to other factions such as The Joker, Penguin, etc.). Commissioner Gordon has ordered barricades to be put up along the border of Robinson Park to prevent the spread of any more plant growth into downtown Gotham.

Rumor has it Batman will be paying Ivy a visit in the park shortly.

[Update 01]

- Clayface has been spotted in the vicinity of Robinson Park, he is considered highly dangerous and is known to be hostile - call for backup immediately if he is spotted.

[Update 02]

- Clayface has been spotted near Ivy's camp deep in the park, possibly forming an alliance.

[Update 03]

- Children have not been spotted in last 24 hours, Ivy has also been marked as MIA by officers. Sending two squads into the park in the morning (hopefully Gordon's hunch about Batman showing up is right...)

[Update 04]

- Squads have dismantled barricades, most officers have pulled out two blocks from the park's border. Squads dispatched into park to attempt rescuing captive children.

CS was used in this build.

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Police Chase Coaster
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Date Uploaded Jul 17, 2017
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