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Pooky Peaks is a mega-sized park with room for mega sized thrills! Can you turn this horror show into a monstrous success?

Based in a spooky landscape of small hills with plenty of flat land to build. All coaster types will become available with the research investment!

*4 Star Difficulty Rating: 12-15 hours of game play to beat all objectives

~This is my first uploaded custom scenario, please let me know what you think! Thank you!~

Section Scenarios
File Size 6.99 MB
Date Uploaded Aug 5, 2019
Liked by Zhakiki, SamDogy


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Hi Zhakiki,

you wanna know what I think? Take a look around on this platform: unfortunately, feedback is unusual here. In other words: it happens very rarely. But I will write something:
* You wrote "to beat all objectives". - Which objectives??? When I start your "scenario", all objectives are already reached!!! I am a tycoon without even playing for a second. * Your park is not designed nicely. Where are the plants, the buildings and so on? * I also don't like your coasters! They go too fast, especially in the turns. You should install more steep turns!
Okay, this is your first upload. I am sure you'll get better and better after a while.
(Google translate)