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Excitement Rating:-7.59(high)
Intensity Rating:-6.88(high)
Nausea Rating:-5.34(high)
Space Required:-51X22
Max Speed:-69.52Mph
Ride Length:-1181.39ft
Approx Cost:-16,787.94
You'll need the foll cs:-
Old Spice's corkscrew support's
Coasterfreak's platform set
J'cats SteelWorx
ATH cat walk set
Soaked expansion

Section Tracks
Type Stormrunner
File Size 127.48 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 1, 2013




A creative coaster!

How do I install the ATH Catwalk set correctly? The folder is in the game but I just see the shadows when I place the objects. The grafic settings are on the upper limit. I just have the normal RCT3 without the expansion packs.


thanks! i think that it you need the wild or the soaked expansion pack for ATH Catwalk set.if it does not work then a option must be disabled if it is disabled then enable it.or if that too does not work then delete the ath catwalk set from style/themed and re download the ath catwalk set put the re downloaded one in Style/themed again.


Thanks. But I already downloaded it many times.