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this coaster is so big that I have to put only the track.be sure to reduce the height of the coaster by 1 because if not,she will float in the air!
cs needeed:
-shyguy catfish cove and rock set
-coasterfreak station platform
-ynor9 control station
-dasmatze utilities and instant jungle
-b&m coaster adons 1 and 2
-old spice coskrew support
-bigburger 30cm
-grp b&m catwalk
-cpisco b&m footer
-coaster joe b&m connectors and megacoaster footers
-jcats steelworks and moby steel jungle 1 and 2
-all old spice tree set(just to be sure)
-gadget coaster goodies
-shadow coasternet
-sk-m31+safari j arrow pack
and finally megacoaster brake from coasterfreak megacoasterpack which is on the site

Section Tracks
Type ctr b&m stand-up
File Size 176.39 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 19, 2013
Liked by SamDogy



dark ridley

pretty proud of me.


is this twister or extended?
and if it is extended, is this twister cars?

dark ridley

its a ctr Standup (you can find it on my download)