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A beefed up version of Prehistoric - Stone Age (Rocky Rambles) from RCT2 Time Twister, Rocky Rambles II, the final Prehistoric scenario in my RCT2 Time Twister Redux series, also teaches you to build a park in an 88x88 space and make it have lots and lots of park value. The harder guest generation flag is retained from the original scenario, but harder park rating is now also present, which can trip you up if you're not careful. Unlike the original, though, this scenario starts with a caveman-themed go-karts track named Rocky Rambles Circuit, which has decent stats for a go-karts track that is almost 300 m (984 ft) long. The loan interest rate is also doubled to 22%, and the issues where certain tiles of land inside the park boundaries could not be bought have been fixed in this scenario.

Goal: To repay your loan and achieve a park value of at least 890,000.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Sep 30, 2020