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For years, people have ridiculed Linus to no end for believing in this thing called the Great Pumpkin. Ironically, he was right all along. It just lives in a different pumpkin patch than the one he frequently visited. And...well, his perception of what the Great Pumpkin did was a bit more than significantly different than the actual pumpkin was like. Instead of bringing toys to children, it gathers the other pumpkins in the patch to haunt giant structures of wood that attract regional humans. Unfortunately, the Great Pumpkin’s time doing that doesn’t last long, as it eventually gets carved up, scooped out, and made into pie before Thanksgiving. If only Linus knew what the Great Pumpkin actually was...and how tasty it is, too. Nom nom nom nom...

Excitement: 8.02
Intensity: 8.58
Nausea: 4.93

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Roller Coaster
File Size 12.8 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 28, 2016
Liked by 19_09, SamDogy