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This is my first pool. It's an "indoor" pool, with the majority of the complex being contained withing a giant pyramid. It is a 2 story complex with the slides going throughout various chambers within the walls and occasionally escaping into the surrounding jungles. I uploaded many screenshots as it can be difficult to maneuver the camera inside the pyramid (don't forget the coaster cams though!). The glass wall was a last minute addition, originally it was the Egyptian paint and hieroglyphics, I could easily change it back as I am not sure how the glass fits.

7 slides
4 spas
2 high dives
12 chairs

I left room in the roof for a roller coaster to possibly go through, or I could add a chairlift and move the food stalls to the top of the pyramid.

I had an alternate version with a lazy river and an extended jungle on the outside of the pyramid. As far as leaves getting in the way of the rides occasionally, I've discovered that each time the game is loaded the trees are randomly generated in the same place, so each load will have differently shaped and sized foliage. When I first made it there were no leaves getting in your face though.

Section Pools
File Size 3.68 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 1, 2011




This is really amazing...


This is amazing. Great job, I hope to see more from you.


Thanks guys, it took me a while to build and I appreciate the feedback. I have an idea what I'll do next, but summer session has started so it may be a while.


great idea
great custom scenery
great enclosure
great attractions inside

I am super impressed!


wow i hope to go in right now and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow Very good jobs


vraiment du très bon travail tu as du vraiment y passer des heures !! ...


genius, but next time think on opening every slide

small question, how do you build a latarn without path (at the extention of the slides (with the fog))?


Sorry about some rides being closed (I'd put it on test run to take the pics and forgot), but that fixed easily enough =)

As for the lantern and the fog, they are stand alone scenery. I forget what set, but just browse in sandbox mode.


Can't download the file!!!


i love the pool that you made!

it looks small from the outside but big on the inside!


where do i put file to get it in my game?


Where i had to install the folder???


This looks amazing!


i wish it was real


What folder do I put it in?


I think it actually goes in the parks folder.


I downloaded it and put it in the pools and the parks folders, but i couldn't find it in either sections in the game... help?

Never mind, i put it in structures and it worked


I cannot believe the time and details in making the Pyramid Pool Complex. I happen to have a very high interest in anything pyramids as well as Egyptian-themed creations. Excellent level of creativity, you have!