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Pyro Pro cake pack (mixmaster)


-1shot mortar
-12shot Battery
-30shot Fan Cake
-55shot Big Block
-90shot Big Block
-Roman Candle

Imported by Wastad.

Greets, Pyro Pro

Section Pyrotechnics
Type MixMaster Object
File Size 529.95 KB
Date Uploaded Dec 14, 2015




Where to put the launchers and all the other files that come with it?

Pyro Pro

Put the file 'Pyro Pro Cakes' into (C:)/Program Files/Atari/RollerCoaster Tycoon 3/Style/Themed

You can add mixmaster firework effects to them.

Good luck !

Rafael Craft

Face I put the file 'Pyro Pro Cakes' style / theme more did not appear in my game, how do I appear or the file no longer works? I am Brazilian if you have something wrong in writing that Google Translate ta missing '-'

Rafael Craft

E se puder fazer um pack de fogos parecido a desse video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdaZCHem2f4 com o som dos fogos parecido eu agrade├žo e principalmente o fogos do minuto: 3:44


I'm having trouble with this. I putted them into style/themed and whenever I keep re-installing the folder, it still crashes my game. I need some help please.

Ziss Gaming

I am having the same problem as 6FlagsCoasterFan, whenever I click on the cake I want, it crashes my game as well. Some help would be appreciated, thanks!


Fireworks don't go in the structure section (regarding the style/themed folder) that's where custom scenery goes. Unzip the folder then put the 12 individual fireworks in the following folder......My computer - Documents -rct3 - firework effects . Ignore all other folders in the zip file. You can select all the fireworks and copy and paste them into the folder just mentioned


They don't work because they are .ovl file extensions not frw


this is the one that actually works(i think)