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The last owner of this park failed miserably and built their coasters so high that the ground underneath gave way, destroying most of the park. The local authority has reopened the area now, but are refusing any structures above the tree height.

Based off of BlazingEmpireHD's Quantum's Edge. You get a lot less space to work with, but still have to reach 3,400 guests.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Aug 22, 2022




Fun idea! I think it would have been cool though to see some 'bits' of those coaster layouts/track segments on the ground that have given way

Fred 104 4276

I had a better idea: maybe take one of my scenarios and make it even harder.


@mickandy I was thinking of that, but I not familiar enough with scenario building yet I think. I guess the acid destroyed it. ;)

@Fred I played through the 8th Court scenario after completing this one. I'm still thinking of how to go about making it harder in a good way.