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The year is 1981 a small amusement park was looking for their next capital investment for their park. Seeing as the park already had a steel looping coaster and was lacking a major wooden coaster the park asked Dinn Corp. to design a racing wooden coaster for the park. Dinn's engineers came back to the park and asked if the would be willing to do a racing/dueling coaster due to lack of land. The park agreed and thus began the designing and building of the worlds longest racing/dueling coasters. Reaching a top speed of 55 mph over the 4400 ft of track on both sides. Draw your weapons and get ready, aim, fire!!!

The Story: Two guns men who have held a grudge against each other for a long time meet and challenge each other to a quickdraw duel. As riders board the train the duelers begin their journey as the quickly race down the drop and duel throughout the layout. As the trains enter the brakes you find out who was faster and wins the draw.

POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAt88MdQ8fA&feature=youtu.be
(Sorry about the lower quality.Trying to work out the problems)

Special Notes: The structure is massive so give it time to get placed. Thank you all and have a great round.

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Type Dinn Corp. Dueling Wooden Coaster
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Date Uploaded Nov 21, 2017


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is RTC3 even on steam anymore?