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Hello! :D

Just a layout that I came with by messing around because I was bored. I had the idea of doing a side-friction roller coaster, then I was thinking: "What if I made a racing side-friction roller coaster?" So, I came up with that small design, big enough to be used in many places, but compact enough to be exciting and fun (each track is slightly shorter than Creaky Dips and Roman Racers). I did not do much with the scenery, but I wanted to theme it a bit around an autodrome since it's a racing roller coaster.

Done without cheat or custom scenery.
See final screenshot for statistics.

I hope you like it. :D

Section Tracks
Type Side-Friction Roller Coaster
File Size 3.23 KB
Date Uploaded Sep 4, 2023
Liked by brunonardini, Me!!!