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Long ago in lost place, two men stumbled upon a gold and silver rich piece of property wedged between mountains. Unsure of what to do they explore the mountains and begin to mine the contents out of the mountain. As time went on, the two men struck it rich and formed the Tri-Peak Mining company in 1902, named after the Tri-Peaked mountain that the mine was nestled in. By the year 1905, the mining company had grown and expanded to include three shafts and a small town that supported the miners and their families. However, everything changed in 1906. The day was like any other. Rainy, overcast, boring, dull. As the employee arrived and began their descent down the mineshaft they were warned by the elevator operator and told to stay out of shat 11b, which had been reported as flooded by the morning inspection. The miners did as told and moved far away from 11b and continued on with their work. Things began to change. Around noon John Goodwen did not show up for lunch. Everyone assumed that he was just finishing up some work, but at 12:15 the blast alarm went off. After the code for section 11b went off, they knew something was up. Everyone began to race towards the elevators and the blast went off. John Goodman was never heard from again. After a mine investigation, the owners decided to close the mine down because of the bad reputation that had come of the mine. For 110 years no one entered the mine. Many of the local towns folk reported hearing a scream come from the main mine shaft at 12:15 everyday. The mine was believed haunted and therefore remained inactive. However in 2018, the great grandchildren of the original owners of the Tri-Peak Mine decided to reopen the mine, despite the demon which lived deep in the mine. At first, things seemed good and the old mine began spitting out gold and silver but the haunting continued. Over time the demon began to steal the souls of the miners and many never returned to the surface. After some time and countless deaths, you were hired to lure the spirit out, but on your journey you our flipped upside down 10 times over 4400 feet of track. Can you survive, or are you going to end up at the mercy of Rage?

Most Inversions on one caster in North America(10)
Most Inversions on a B&M Coaster(10)
Longest drop on Sit down coaster (150)
Steepest drop on a sit down coaster( 77)

POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5BfuOSV2PM

This ride was modeled after Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Rage is a high intensity coaster with an Intensity rating of 6.17 and a Nausea rating of 3.81. All information about the ride is included in a readme text in the download.

Section Tracks
Type B&M Sitdown
File Size 306.42 KB
Date Uploaded Apr 11, 2018
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