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Attention: please open it with OPENRCT2 or RCTC. Do not open with vanilla RCT2 due to its AI pathfinding bug that all guests stuck and walk inside the park no matter they are picked up to the park entrance.


WORKS PERFECT IN RCT CLASSIC because they could take transport ride for coasters or other rides , BUT NOT FOR OpenRCT2 as AI makes them to be “too clever“. In OpenRCT2 they must use same path to find their destination, leading to overcrowding of affected paths.

Thumbs of rule:
1. Never build shortcut path because the use of paths are accessing queue lines of rides and also hiring the least number of staffs
2. Protect all pre-built items at the beginning and utilize those resource to expand.
3. Never make idiot coasters
4. Organised path system anytime in favor of directing them to park exit. Never place buildings that block the direction to park entrance, and make use of transport ride together with signs to guide them to destinations, or to leave when park’s closed.
5. Never use double width path because it generates intersection and quite difficult to guide certain number of guests to leave park soon.
6. If too-crowded, guide them to leave or provide shuttle service to alleviate high traffic on affected main footpath. And build mass transit access at where they will stuck due to heading to some their destination.
7. Never use land tool to cheat the height restriction, namely raising up and restoring back the land level that was used to.

Height restriction is not the major difficulty personally. Instead, it is observing how guests’ find the rides because the map is incredibly large. They may complain they could not find something if walking to long no matter a short-cut path is built.

For maintaining guest happiness when they have target to go, placing entertainers or operating transport rides will need cost. But, the latter one not only increases guest cap, but also prevents some guests with “heading for something” status from changing to “walking” and thinking could not find xxx if they walked too long. So, the transports rides are planned based on where the guest may accumulate since they to head for something. Designed path layout combined with transportation network is now enough to fulfill all the guests’ needs. Throughput of all transportation is enough as a eye is kept long on guests’ “head for xxx” behaviour . Some of them are reluctant to queue for transportation as they head for something. But this impact is not obvious as they could queue for transportation later on.

Guests who leave the park do not take rides except transport rides.

There is an one-way path built from eastern coast to plateau (I.e. Peak station of Pre-built chairlift) at the first year for guests to leave when the park is not well-developed. When all transports are ready as park expands, this path is intentionally blocked and kept for emergency use. Otherwise, all guests at hillside do not take transit to leave and than eastern coast area will be over crowded.

Aim of sharing:
For those who often think railway, lift, or cable car are normal rides, this park may be the example to show the essence of transporting rides when the guests have destination of other rides. Those rides does not only serve guests who are walking, but also accurately target guests who have place to go. Although there is no path connection from ground to hillside, no guest is lost and they are able to get their place to go.

A lot of rides are not yet built especially for tracked gentle rides because they are left for building on hillside. When development of hillside began, it was yr 4 already. The rest of rides are your to make on hillside.

* Some scenery objects or car type are missed unexpected but seems that it happens when some items are researched as opening it with RCT2 after writing by RCTC.

Rides marked with "*" indicates it is non-stop ride even everything is closed. Those help to re-open all of them conveniently after closing everything on rides window.

By observation, start to monitor the elevators and monorails when guest number hits around 4300. CONTROL THE PEEPS TO BE LESS THAN 4500. Otherwise, there would have problem.

Thanks for reading this.
Thumbs up if you enjoy and wish to share with you the next sandbox park - Fungus Woods

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Date Uploaded May 11, 2019