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Massive theme park filled with lots of custom coasters in 11 themed areas including "Spectrumville (front entrance village featuring Spectrum Fountain)" "Mirkwood (a haunted forest featuring Nightmare Alley and creatures of the night)" "Camelot (a medieval village featuring Isle de Camelot & King's Court)" "Frontiers Of The Heavens (a space themed planetary enclave featuring Andromeda megacoaster)" "Calistoga Mills (a wild west territory featuring Hidden Gulch and the Wilderness Trail)" "Pirate Cove (featuring an abandoned pirate ship and treasure chests)" "Discovery (a midway featuring various thrill rides)" "Laketown Junction (a bustling village gateway to Laketown featuring Dueling Dragons)" "Laketown (a large fishing village featuring Laketown Falls, the Timberwolf and the Basilisk)" "The Docklands (outskirts of Laketown featuring the Dark Labyrinth)" and "Pompeii (Italian themed village highlighted by Mount Vesuvius).."

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Mar 13, 2016




Wow that is absolutely amazing!! I feel like the comment I'm making isn't worth anything compared to the amount if effort that this would have taken. It looks fantastic too, the scenery is done perfectly! Nice work!


One more thing, I downloaded the map and it automatically downloads all the custom rides so if anyone is reluctant to download because of that reason, it works fine. Also within two minutes of looking through the rides Abandoned Coal Plant crashed! XD


I use Son Of Beast Trainer to speed up park staff and prevent accidents.