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Rainier Hills is the windiest place on earth where it's rainy and windy constantly. Because of that, construction is limited to being short. This is a very tough scenario where it requires 3,900 guests with by the end of October, Year 4. (Similar to Frostbite Castle), including all these obstacles.

- Tree Removal Forbidden.
- Park Rating 100 lower than normal.
- Landscape Change Forbidden.
- No High Construction.
- Buying land is 110.
- The Loan Interest Rate is at a whopping 45%. The maximum cap is 100,000 but it's a very bad idea.
- Motion Simulation isn't available until much later.
- Everyone's least favorite weather type. Cool and Wet.

- Guest Generation is Normal.
- There are places where you can build tunnels so you can build underground.
- You can advertise your park.
- Variety of decent Roller Coasters.
- Fairly Decent Sized Land.

Requires the Time Twister and Wacky Worlds Expansion

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Date Uploaded May 20, 2021


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Fred 104 4276

For some reason, RCTgo freaks out when you put dollar symbols in your text. Can you tell us the maximum loan size for this scenario without the dollar sign?