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Ugh. Eventually, I had to make a track for the Bengal Tigers cars of everyone's least favorite coaster type. I had to tinker with this way more than I wanted just to get at least 6.0 excitement and below 10 intensity, and that's the OpenRCT2 stats. For a Wacky Worlds-themed trackpack, therefore the expansion pack will be required. The name is a play on the word 'razzmatazz' which is a reddish shade of pink, hence the weird color.

Section Tracks
Type Heartline Twister Coaster
File Size 2.29 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 23, 2023
Liked by saintplaysRCT


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It really is hard to make those Togo Twister things look decent-- which is really a shame since the concept of a non-turning coaster SOUNDS like it could be so useful for filling in space. I think you really nailed it with the theming, and the way the rightmost two reversals look vaguely like dragon heads in this color is sick imo. Congrats on redeeming such a trash coaster lol!