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Cedar Fair comes to life in one of the most immersive and realistic NCSO experiences of all time!

"I feel like Raspberry Acres achieves a natural feeling that other NCSO parks miss out on."
- saxman1089

"Great rides, incredible details, and a clever use of objects."
- CedarPoint6 (NE legendary parkmaker)

"A very impressive effort with a lot of skill and endurance to get the shapes you wanted translated into NCSO."
- posix (NE admin)

"I loved everything, but the "V" really called my attention, was 10."
- MrTycoonCoaster

Stay as long as Glenn D. and we'll refund your admission.

Requires OpenRCT2. No custom scenery or objects were used in the making of this park.

Section Parks
File Size 2.46 MB
Date Uploaded Jan 11, 2019