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Somewhere in the American West, in a lonely old ghost town, a prospector thought he was about to meet his end. His name: John Smith, he had been heading to California seeking his fortune in the gold rush. Unfortunately, he had been bit by a rattlesnake while trying to decide whether the town he saw was a hallucination or a real town.

Fortunately for John (and us) he was able to survive the snake's poison. Unfortunately, he had become totally lost in the desert. Not knowing where he was or which direction would lead to civilization, he decided he'd become the lone inhabitant of the ghost town, which he unoriginally named: Ghost Town. Eventually, other prospectors began to stumble across his Ghost Town. These other prospectors were also hopelessly lost and decided to settle in town. Over time the town's population grew (which is surprising considering there was no fresh water for miles, and no way to grow food) and the inhabitants began to grow restless with no real form of entertainment. Gunfights were costly as the townsfolk had no way to replenish their supply of bullets in the event of a bandit raid (not that there were any bandits around) and they had no medical supplies for the loser. No one in the town was a cowboy, so they couldn't go wrangle cattle (not that there was any cattle anyway). One day in the middle of the August heat John had an epiphany though: he'd build the greatest wagon trail anyone had ever seen.

Now of course, everyone in town thought John had gone mad. I mean, who builds a wagon trail? The modern equivalent of John's idea was, naturally, a wooden roller coaster. Unfortunately for the townsfolk, no one in the American West had ever seen a roller coaster before, so John was just the town fool (for the moment anyway). In reality John was quite innovative, and he was rather resourceful considering he amassed enough wood to build a large coaster in the middle of a desert. Rattlesnake (ironically named after the snake that almost claimed John's life) would become the world's first "boomerang" type wooden roller coaster, although no one would ever learn of its fame because the sun-bleached planks would rot within the decade under the hot desert sun.

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Type Wooden Roller Coaster
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Date Uploaded Apr 23, 2017
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Wow Chris this is a neat idea. I bet it wouldn't be hard to make a wooden boomerang coaster in RCT3


Wow Chris this is a neat idea. I bet it wouldn't be hard to make a wooden boomerang coaster in RCT3


I agree with Taffyta that its a great concept but it would be difficult to do in RCT3 witthout a ctr