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Raven Overview -

In 1990 Catalian Amusement Park sought out their third major attraction. After working with GCI and B&M in the past, they decide to work with B&M again. In February of 1991 the concept of "Raven" was copyrighted and Catalian Amusement took to city council the idea. Located in the city limits of Chattanooga TN, the park had to go to the council and request the height limits be raised from 100 feet to 145 feet. The council approved and the first footers we're set. At the same time the park was deciding how to theme the ride. The original station (Not Pictured) was themed after an old Germany Castle on a hill. That station stood from 1992 - 2016 when it was cleared for the current Station. The new station is themed after a French Chateau (Bon Voyage Charle Brown and Don't Come Back) that is on the edge of war. Bombs in the village, Ravens in the Castle and Terror on the run. The new station poses the question, "How Far Are You Willing To Fall?" Whats your answer.

The Ride -

Riders Board in the French Chateau and are sent on their way through the village with explosion and are then greeted by the 140 foot lift hill, which is now towered over by Technedium(300) our Intamin Accelerator. At the top of the lift hill you turn right 90 degrees and head towards the drop. At the last second before you think its broke you plumment down the drop, through the vertical loop, over a mega air hill, through two near stall out immelman, and a roll over the lake. You are then greeted by some more hills and turns to the station.

Extra stuff -

The structure file does contain some extra builds from other rides. JUST DELETE THEM.

All logos and ride photos provided in PHOTOS folder

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Section Tracks
Type B&M Floorless Dive Coaster
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Date Uploaded Aug 30, 2016
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