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This is my newly released coaster Razzle Dazzle, a thrilling but short coaster that really packs a punch in the colorful presence that it brings!

POV - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xoDmZPQOLA

Section Tracks
Type B&M Sit-Down
File Size 1.11 MB
Date Uploaded Apr 2, 2014




nicely done, Panda :)
Lg Cheleste

NCS ravens

Wow, this was an obvious winner.


Simply love it


Agh!!!! Why download A ---- pic? Don't download this! Totally not worth it!


Well, Panda used an CTR that is currently not released, so its fair that he dont release the coaster before the CTR was released. Maybe the download is useless without the track, but if TheCodeMaster releases his new CTR, Panda uploads the trackfile and everything is ok ;)

An info in the description would be nice to avoid that people getting angry.

Besides of that, nice job on this Panda.

Soo long, Cobra


Thank you for clarifying that to Slurpee_Man, Cobra. If people actually read closer the notepad text closely, along with the fact that it's an unreleased CTR, I will not be including a track file because that's basically calls for plagiarism that can be approached in different ways.

Please design your own things, and thank you for voting me in!


Although the scenery of this coaster is nice, it's track design is awfully awkward and unnatural, and is really just a pain to watch.


Now that the CTR is released, can you reupload the file with the park?


No. Make your own original coasters.


Really great!


This looks so real. Did you make this in NoLimits? Or with a custom track using RCT? With a lot of practice, may be some day I can build something similar :) Incredible work.


^ Uhh......no, this is in-game track with the B&M track rextexture. I do not use CTs like that and never will, but your feedback was appreciated.