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If you ever wanted to play your favorite RCT 1 scenarios in 3D, then this set is a must download for you. Includes the entire scenario list from the original RCT 1 converted to be played in 3D on RCT 3. Enjoy and return the favor by checking out my series of lets play RCT 1 in 3D at ----> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC06F8F8589D18A64

Section Scenarios
File Size 5.46 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 22, 2014




Nice idea :)
Hope the landscape/rides are 99% accurate to the RCT1 ones :p

Lg Cheleste

amazing josh

Yes! You're back! Entering Build-It? One last thing: Can you post your Season 2 and 3 RCT3 Parks on this site?


Thanks for uploading. Just completed Barrow Point and enjoyed it quite a bit. Very "doable" and everything worked well. Look forward to trying the others. Nice work!


Thanks for this :D


Thanks for this :D


Thank you. It works great !
Here is the Complete Scenario List, in right order.


I want to add something.
I want to ask why for example doesn´t DinkyPark work.
In Dynamite Dunes is all right.


I loved this :D Thank you very much great job BTW loved this set :D


Hey, where do I put this at in the files????? I'm trying to work this so I can play it :D


Bro you need to get the expansion parks o the rct1. Plus work on rct 2 :D

Rafael Craft

Onde eu coloco ? Sou Brasileiro Brazil, Portuguese


can u do rct2 scenarios in 3d if u can :)


Cool! Now I can make a rct1 park on RCT3! Thanks


There's only one issue I've run into. Research doesn't seem to be on.

Princess Anna Of Arendelle

I might make them all "Sandbox" if that's ok with you.