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I'm still trying to push RCT1 at its limits by finding new ways to build roller coasters, structures and buildings. This download shows what kind of experiment I'm doing now.

For this experimental roller coaster, which I named Yellow Looper, I'm trying to make custom supports with any resource I have in the game. This time, I did some landscaping to elevate several pieces of land and color them in a realistic way. It turned out well in my opinion, but I think I'll not use that technique for the next RCT1 roller coasters I'll build, because I have better options for making custom supports.

I did some finish on the track to make it visually good for a download. I didn't put a lot of work for the scenery and folliage, but it's better than if I did nothing.

Be free to comment my work. If you have any tips to give me about building better RCT1 tracks, I would be happy to hear them!

See final screenshot for statistiques.

Workbench used: bottom of the web page from the following link:

Section Tracks
Type Steel Corkscrew Roller Coaster
File Size 88.47 KB
Date Uploaded May 12, 2016




This looks very VERY beautiful! Epic work mate!

Skylander Katfish

Wow, Awesome how you are trying to push RCT1 to the max!