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Excitement : 7.62 (High)

Intensity : 7.70 (Very High)

Nausea : 5.81(High)

Made from scratch, Spectra is a roller coaster that takes a soar through an indoor Roman garden and its own custom made 'villa'. Just one out of many attractions in "A History in the Making" amusement park. 30% done but will one day be finished and shared with everyone.
The download isn't the actual roller coaster because I didn't make it separate. It is with the park and don't exactly want people to download atm. It is just a random photo of it but I will get it make a separate version soon. Just be patient and bare with me plz...

Section Tracks
Type Lay-down Roller Coaster: Spectra
File Size 876.71 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 17, 2016




I really like it, actually! Great job with the scenery!


Really good ^^