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RCT2 Retro Scenarios - Graphite

Requires RCT2 or RCT Classic 7 screenshots 1 comment

(Since RCT Classic players already have these scenarios, it is not necessary for those people to download this pack.)

I tried making recreations of RCT1 scenarios in RCT2. They might not be 100% recreations, because some rides are named differently (Dynamite Blaster is Dynamite Blast, Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia are Cumulus and Stratus, Arachnaphobia is Arachne, etc.).

Arachne was built as a spiral roller coaster and Runaway Plumber was built as a mini roller coaster, because the junior coaster doesn't have the steep drop.

The ride research table for each scenario might not be 100% accurate. One more thing, Forest Frontiers isn't included because it is just too easy. And you already have Factory Capers after installing RCT2.

You have been warned.

Without further ado, I present the graphite set for RCT2 in one zip file.

1. Dynamite Dunes
2. Leafy Lake
3. Diamond Heights
4. White Water Park
5. Trinity Islands
6. Three Monkeys Park
7. Katie's Dreamland

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Jul 15, 2017


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Of course this isn't all the scenarios that RCT1 has to offer. There's definitely a lot of them missing. But I understand it just is very time consuming