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This is a modern Gerstlauer Roller Coaster with many inversions and drops. The station is inspired by the silver star station in Europapark. There is also an observation tower from where you can see the all track

Basic test results :
-Excitement rating : 7,31 (High)
-Intensity rating : 3,97 (Medium)
-Nausea rating : 1,73 (Low)

Speed results :
-Max. speed : 104,93 km/h
-Average speed : 56,75 km/h
-Ride time : 0:54
-Ride length : 863,46

Force results :
-Max. positive vertical G's : 4,78 g
-Max. negative vertical G's : -1,14 g
-Max!; lateral G's : 3,00 g

Drop results :
-Total "air" time : 0:14
-Drops : 8
-Highest drop height : 39,81m
-Number of inversions : 4

Video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex_YVdjv2b8&t=6s
Sorry for the video's low quality^^ Just couldn't do otherwise

Section Tracks
Type Gerstlauer Roller Coaster
File Size 7.69 MB
Date Uploaded Apr 26, 2018




Downloaded the park and opened it but found no track. Just supports! No roof on one building.....what cs is needed? what custom track?

Princess Anna Of Arendelle

And im wondering about the texture pack you used


i like it