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RCT3, Full 2,005 Fireworks package (Not passworded, No Error's)

Requires RCT3: Wild! 11 comments

Rct3 Fireworks pack More then 2,000 fireworks in this pack, From high to Low Quality, some for old video styles some for new styles , this package got the Still For a Big FireWork Show.

Enjoy this package, (Ow and there are 2,004 fireworks, the zip say's 2,005 but 1 firework was bugged out from the folder... Weird bug..)

Section Pyrotechnics
Type MixMaster Object
File Size 11.89 MB
Date Uploaded May 12, 2014
Liked by titi18056, SamDogy



Thanks allot! very useful


I'm sorry for what will follow but I have to say!
Before proposed a pack and let imagine many things,
the least courtesy of verifiers that will give you the people!
Half of firework here to crash completely RCT3!
I can not thank you!


You need to have RCT3 + Wild, If you use only RCT3.. then Sure, your game wil crash..
Rct3 + wild does have an RCT3Plus Runner, that is much more stable,
So yeah... Srry if you don't like it, but it's not my fault to..


I've gone through the first thousand and 98% are unusable because they are made to long. If you look at a firework and it lasts 2 seconds don't make it so it takes up 15 seconds. There's 13 secs of nothing. Some should be 1 second but they last 12 sec. Some are 20 seconds to long. I would use most of them if they were the right length. They should be color coded too. Saves a lot of time.


heatherg23, This package is a package made for Random People, Some want to have Big Fireworks, some Small, some like really Weird ones, And it include some fireworks that don't even Downloadable anymore wherever you search for those, the don't exist anymore.

and what i mean is that it isnt all of them just for a space of between: 125x125/150x150 (Park + Screen View In 1%9-37/2 Sizing and Square's*) In /2 Inch of view by 1024x920 Resolution and above.
To keep it simple, Its a Custom pack, not Special made for 1 person or so.

Thx for noting it anyways.


Ow ye, forgot somthing heatherg23,
Some fireworks Do have a trail, but those are More Realistic made, so at first instance you wil not se it, but Most fireworks, check it from close distance, you wil se it..


I have tried this pack out, but had to re-install the game.


Sorry! An accident occured!


heatherg23, you should really consider clearing out all of your stuff if you want to have no lag in your game!