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RCT3 Sherlock

Requires RCT3: Soaked! and RCT3: Wild! 11 screenshots 0 comments

Exitement: 13,49
Intensity: 4,42
Nausea: 2,58
videolink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWWiSGVcrH0&feature=g-upl

well, Due to the reactions I got on youtube, Sherlock is my best project so far... It's a high speed chase trough the woods, and umm yeah a few tree hits which i tought I deleted :S...
it's sligly based on the movies and the serie, nothing to do with the books :P people told me they liked my supports so i would like a feedback on them...

CS I used:
shyguys rock set
old spice's asian empire set
old spice's corkscrew supports
moby's steeljungle V1 &V2
webers aged footers
LG harbour set
shyguys catfish cove
shyguys planters
Ralviehs russian woods
Ralviehs street elements
Dominoes turnstyles V1
some drekheuze set
J-Cats darkride set, IA black pieces, MGP black walls
Fisherman's E-Stop
Aceana's Pavement essentials expanded
gadget's coaster goodies
shadows coasternets
xIwilldestroyyouallX (something like that) B&M addons part 1/2
techno dude the coasteressentials part 1/2
Shyguys waterworld set 2
Ynors controlroom set
mgp powerpanels and mgp controlpanels

pfew... I believe that's all the cs i used...

File Size
4.31 MB
Date Uploaded
Aug 5, 2012