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This is recreation of Steel track hybrid Schiff Wild Mouse but real size was 35ft.

Recolorable track, supports and recolorable cars.

You can use this for retro park.

If you planned to record the reviewing this one, Feel free to use that.


The Wild Mouse was steel tracked hybrid coaster design by Ben Schiff and manufactured by B. A. Schiff & Associates.
It debut in 1956 at Funland Park in Miami, Florida and Roseland Park in New York.

The most famous one was at Cedar Point, where it operated from 1959 to 1963.

And other one was Conneaut Lake Park in Conneaut Lake, PA where it operated from 1961 to 1990.

In 1959, they introduced small sized version of Wild Mouse. but then the same year they no longer producing Large Sized Wild Mouse. In 1960's Ben Schiff sold all his materials to England company, Butlins.

They put Wild Mouse in various Butlins funfair locations in early 1960's. Until 1975 when all Wild Mouse coasters were removed except the one at Littlehampton.

This ride opened here in 1962 at Harbour Park (at the time when park was called Butlins Amusement Park) in 1977, The park was renamed to Smarts Amusement Park as Billy Smarts purchased the park.

and then in 1983, The ride was purchased to David Pickstone, who first rode this ride when he was a child. and relocated to Brean Leisure Park and reopened here in July 1986.

It continued to operated for 11 years until David Pickstone was forced to closed his Wild Mouse ride in 1997.

The only one standing but not operating was one at Eagle Park in Cache, OK. Built here in early 1980's but it was never opened to the public due to Wayne Gibson's father fell out the ride during construction and later died.

Section Tracks
Type Wild Mouse Coaster
Date Uploaded Jun 7, 2022




Amazingly realistic. This is very high quality


Thanks, MetaphysicalDissonance.