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Based on Venus Ponds from RCT1 Loopy Landscapes, Realm of Hades is a Greek mythological underworld-themed scenario which has a goal of getting 4,050 guests into the park without letting the park rating drop below 700 at any time. There are multiple things to consider in this scenario:

1. The guests prefer more intense rides, so only rides with an intensity rating between 6.70 and 9.99 will do.

2. The park rating is 100 lower than normal.

3. Once you get 1,000 guests into the park, you have to build coasters that are longer than 1,968 ft (600 m) and have an excitement rating higher than 6.00 to continue attracting guests.

The star attraction of this park is a 13,207 ft (4,025 m) long, 328 ft (100 m) tall launched hyper-twister named Gatekeeper of Erebus. Themed around the Greek underworld with Cerberus trains, it has a 12.92 (!) ultra-extreme excitement rating and has more than a minute's worth of 'air' time spanning a ride time of 3 minutes 6 seconds.

NOTE: This scenario will only work in OpenRCT2 as the aforementioned hyper-twister has boosters and launched lift hills, which cannot be done on this coaster type in RCT2 vanilla or RCT Classic.

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Date Uploaded Jul 27, 2020
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