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Red Alert is my first Wild Mouse style coaster project. In this project I did zero terraforming and concentrated strictly on the coaster and theming. CS by Coasterfreak, CSF, Fink, JCat, LoneWolf, Moby, Pumper, Shy, Station Jim jr., and Vodhin.


CS required:
Coasterfreak's light beams set
CSF's neon lighting set (recolorable lighting emitters)
Fink's Stressed Out West I set
Gadget Goodies for Coaster set
JCat's SpaceWorx set
LoneWolf's Round Footers set
Moby's Glasshouse and Frameworx set
Moby's Steel Jungle v1 set
Moby's Steel Jungle v2 set
Pumper's MouseWorx set
shy's Alpine Village Set 5
Station Jim jr.'s Gardening 1 set
Station Jim jr.'s Gardening 2 set
Vodhin's Gizmos set
Vodhin's Strip Lights set

Best of luck to everyone in this round of build it!

Section Tracks
Type Wild Mouse Coaster
File Size 2.75 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 22, 2018